Jan Vercruysse

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Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
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A work in nine parts or ten parts

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Galeria Tucci RussoVia Stamperia, 9
10066 Torre Pellice (TO) – Italia
Tel. +39 0121.953.357
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Mercoledì – Domenica
10:30  – 13:00
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Vernissage:01/12/2013 – dalle 11 alle 17

The art of Jan Vercruysse is based on the autonomy of the artwork and the sovereignty of the artist, and can be read as a reflection upon the ability of art to function in a contemporary context and according to its own conditions. It is an art that questions our interaction with it; an art that investigates the way we see and understand it in today’s visually overcrowded world; and an art that seeks to find, and to define, its own philosophical place within a rapidly evolving world. According to Jan Vercruysse, art no longer has a place in this world. As a result, he seeks, through his work, a new place for art and new conditions in which to work. His earliest photographic works recreated historical subjects, such as self-portraits, still lifes and mythological scenes. Gradually, he evolved a sculptural vocabulary of narrow rooms, empty frames and bases without objects. The sacred spaces created by Vercruysse in these works are known asChambres or Tombeaux and represent the artist’s last-ditched attempts to create art that refers only to itself. His later works, such as plaster pianos, blue Murano glass musical instruments and bronze and ceramic turtles, achieve a perfect equilibrium between conceptual conviction and aesthetic concerns, and also reflect a real pleasure of making.

Jan Vercruysse was the subject of a major retrospective, Jan Vercruysse, Works 1975-2009, at Museum M, Leuven, Belgium, in 2009. Public works include Labyrinth & Pleasure Garden #23, Knokke, Belgium (2008) and Labyrinth & Pleasure Garden #10,Clarholz, Germany (2006).

Jan Vercruysse was born in Ostend, Belgium in 1948.

Xavier Hufkens Gallery


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